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Ancient yellow gold granulated ear-ring

Being crafted between fourteen and seventeen centuries ago, this ancient ear pendant in at least 18K yellow gold is more of a precious artefact worthy of a showroom in a museum -just as a similar one is displayed in Germany- than being a customary antique jewellery piece. Within this unique treasure, a triangular shape is repeated in its overall outline of two cones assembled at their bases as well as in the patterns of its typical Caucasian style field and cluster granulation. Having this in your possession, it is definitely more of an honour than a hazard to preserve and even wear this rare fragment of history.

Country of origin : Caucasus

Style specifics : the granulation technique

Period : between the 4th Century and 7th Century A.D.

Material : yellow gold, at least 18K

Technique : Granulation. Granulation is a technique where the goldsmith uses very small balls (granules) of metal, which are not soldered to the piece but welded. This technique demand very high skills and precision from the maker. Today with all the modern techniques it's still very difficult to only match the quality of the goldsmiths that made this earring so many years ago!

Extra : A similar ear pendant is in the collection of the Schmuckmuseum in Pforzheim (museum of jewelry in Pforzheim, Germany) with inventory number 1957/4. Check our pictures for the inventory page of the Museum on this piece.

Weight : 8.20 gram (5.27 dwt)

Hallmarks : No trace

Condition : Extremely good condition considering its age
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It is a bit bent and shows some dents but that's not really exceptional considering it's age. We would describe this earring more as a treasure, an artifact. When we found it, it had a fissure in the top part, making it questionable if it would stay together, so we had it repaired in the most modern way, with a laser. Like that the complete piece was not heated as it would have been the case if it was repaired in the old way. When it would have been done in the old way (heated with a flame) all the patine (color of the piece that builds up over the years) would have been affected. The repair is very hard to see. Most of the time people only see it when being told. For the rest we kept it in it's original way, like it should be.

Dimensions : length approx. 7.00 cm (2.76 inch)

When referring to this piece : Mention the following number: 02157-3022 or click here.

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Ancient yellow gold granulated ear-ring
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