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We offer layaway, spread payments on the piece of your dreams. Ask us for details. Free insured shipping on all orders !!!

Appraisers of :
jewelry, precious stones and silverware

Calling us
(from Belgium):
Calling us
(to Belgium):
03 213 65 00 +32 3 213 65 00
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Adin, appraisers of antique jewelry, estate jewelry, vintage jewelry, platinum, gold, silver and diamonds

For years and years we are specialized in antique jewelry, estate jewelry, vintage jewelry, antique silver, modern silver and precious stones such diamond, rose cut diamonds, ruby, sapphires emeralds and pearls. Regularly,we even sell to museums. There is hardly any other address with so much in-house expertise in all the disciplines of antique jeweler. With Adin you are at the right address for a very accurate evaluation.

All our services are professional and discreet!

Appraisals for: insurances

An appraisal report for insurance purposes contains the actual replacement value. Having your jewelry, diamonds and silverware appraised on forehand will safeguard you from discussion afterwards with the insurance companies after a possible loss are damage. Besides, an accurate description and pictures of your lost or stolen article will increase the change to track it down. It is advisable to renew your appraisal every 3 till 4 years.

Appraisals for: estates, donations, divisions

An appraisal report for the purpose of estates, donations and divisions offer the various parties the possibility to come to a fair division (with less risk on disagreements).

Appraisals for: pawns or pledges

An appraisal report for the purpose of notaries, attorneys, testament-executors, tax-advisors and banks who need an official report for their customers.

Appraisals for: damage definition

In case a certain article is damaged and a report is needed of its price devaluation but also of the repair costs, repairing advice and possible new value after its repair.

Professionals rely on Adin

Adin does not only appraise for the public, we also work in close cooperation with notaries, attorneys, insurance companies, accountants, modern jewelers, banks, curators, bailiffs, and testament executors. Our CEO Mr.Elkan Wijnberg is personally is a member of "the Belgian Chamber of Experts to the Courts of Justice", to "The American Society of Jewelry Historians" and Mensa. Irrespectively your situation, when you have jewelry, diamonds, precious stones, precious metals and/or massive silverware.....Adin is your address for appraisals!

Advantages of an appraisal report

An appraisal that is regulary brought up-to-date (approx. every 3 till 4 years) simplifies the burden of proof and thus the discussion afterwards in case of a damage. Well made appraisals have to be considered as binding for damage settlements. A regulary brought up-to-date report also prevents the risk of being over- or under-insured.


Appraisal for insurance purposes:

  • 2% of the appraised value
  • minimum fees: 10 Euro per article, 50 Euro per report
  • eventual additional fees for external gemological determination, transport etc.

Appraisal for the purpose of division or eventual sale:

  • 3% of the appraised value
  • minimum fees: 10 Euro per article, 50 Euro per report
  • eventual additional fees for external gemological determination, transport etc.

This last appraisal can, in most cases, be considered as an offer by Adin. We appraise the articles, make a report and besides the value we also write how long this offer is valid. When you return back to us within the stated period and sell the articles to us we pay you back the costs you had for appraising these articles.


Working with Adin is not only "convenient"; our comprehensive service contains discretion, trust, professionalism, and knowledge of the international markets. But perhaps as important, we offer you a pleasant experience. When you would like to discuss a certain article, legacy, estate or situation, or if you would like to know more about our way of working, you can contact us without any obligation on your part. You can pay us a visit in our shop in Antwerp, preferably after an appointment. All information on how to contact us you'll find by clicking here.

Next issue: repairs for customers
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