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Weekly Antique Jewelry Herald (archive)

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Click the picture to get to see this Late Victorian early Art Nouveau enameled thistle brooch with rose cut diamonds.
Click the picture to get to this thistle brooch.


Obliged by European law we have to send you the following message. And because it will take you some time to read it, it allows us to use that time to enjoy some garden work in our Garden of Adin.

Being online since 1994 and selling online since December 1998 we have seen a lot of things coming (and going). The latest "thing" that has come is a European rule on privacy. This means that any end-user residing in the European Union will gain far greater control over what is done with his/her personal data.

As you perhaps might know we send out our Weekly Herald since 2000 and it shouldn't be a big surprise that we have built up a large follower base. However, in general, we do not keep the country of residence of the people on our mailing list, so we have no clue who lives in or outside of the European Union. Therefore we send this mail to all our followers and customers.

Of course we will not pass your email (or any other data) to any third party organisations. It will only be used to keep you informed about our latest aquisitions and website updates. And if you would like to know what information we have of you, please click here and we'll send you that information. Please allow up to 10 working days for processing.

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Again, this service is provided to all our followers and customers, not just members of the European Union.

Hoping to be at your service with this, do we remain,




Spring in The Garden of Adin

Pick your flowers for mother in our Garden.

Click the picture to get to see this Real antique Belle Epoque diamond and sapphire engagement ring.
Click the picture to get to this Belle Epoque diamond ring.





Heaven on earth:

The universe within your reach!

Click the picture to get to see this Très Belle Epoque diamond engagement ring with natural fancy color diamonds.
Click the picture to get to this Belle Epoque diamond ring.


This Belle Époque 18K bi-coloured gold ring is a force of attraction just as strong as that of a black hole in space but with a lot more brilliance and shimmer.

Two natural fancy yellow old brilliant cut diamonds with a mass of 1.20ct. are fusing together in the center of a constellation of 15 rose diamonds. With eight old brilliant cut diamonds alternating with more rose cut diamonds, it seems as if the boundary of this unique diamond universe keeps expanding all the way into the ring shank. When zooming in on the backside dimension with our telescope, we spot energetic sun swirls in yellow gold.

It's hard to believe that this treasure is manmade, while it's got all these wonders of nature combined in one piece of jewellery.




Heaven on earth:

Cupido settling down in The Garden of Adin

Click the picture to get to see this most charming Large Antique French love and luck gold ring with cute little Amor.
Click the picture to get to this Antique French gold ring.


This adorable French yellow gold ring from around 1840 is a true testimony of how jewellery and declarations of love go hand in hand.

Cupido, the Roman god of love, is enshrined as a putti in an infinite halo of filigree lemniscates. On both sides of this marquise shaped top, four hearts build a universe where one plus one is one as they assemble into a four leaf clover. Between the shank's edges, filigree frills flutter as butterflies in a stomach. Clearly, this symbolic ring seales the marriage of love, luck and eternity.

Another important detail is that this piece was made to shout out loud this message of affection as the large ringsize implies it was used to wear on gloves for everyone to see. Nowadays, love doesn't always seem to be this simple, so our advise is: if they don't make them like they used to, you just buy antiques.




Beachcombing in the Garden of Adin:

Look what washed ashore!

Click the picture to get to see this most charming Late Victorian diamond engagment ring with beautiful untreated Burma sapphire.
Click the picture to get to this Victorian diamond ring with untreated Burma sapphire.


Look at what washed ashore in the Garden of Adin: this charming Victorian 18K gold ring with a diamond cluster of 12 old brilliants surrounding a natural untreated Burma sapphire as deep blue as the seven seas combined.

No matter how strong the tidal waves of fashion, no matter how rough the waters of style, the value and allure of antique jewellery will never hit the reef. Not the earthly elements, nor the ravages of time can steer an archetype as this classic ring to the abyss.

If you want something lasting forever…




The Garden of Adin Presents:

Art Nouveau brooch with Ginkgo biloba leaves.

Click the picture to get to see this most charming Art Nouveau brooch with diamonds and Ginkgo biloba leaves.
Click the picture to get to this Art Nouveau brooch.


This precious French Art Nouveau brooch from around 1900 seems to be plucked straight out of one of the Elysian fields in the Garden of Adin.

An 18K yellow gold ginkgo branch sprouts upwards in so many layers that it almost breaks through its platinum framework of 54 rose cut diamonds. This vivid ambience is even more intensified with a hint of green colour on top of the warm yellow leaves.

What better way to celebrate life than with this symbol of longevity and endurance.




The Garden of Adin Presents:

Art Nouveau brooch depicting lady love?

Click the picture to get to see this Art Nouveau brooch signed Vernon depicting friendship between two women.
Click the picture to get to this "Vernon" signed Art Nouveau brooch.


As the established craftsman Vernon was, he must have constructed the idyllic scenery of this 18K yellow gold French Art Nouveau brooch fully out of symbols. On the background, we notice cypresses as a symbol of mourning. On the front, we believe to recognize a bush of edelweiss as a symbol of nobility, devotion and deep love. The window to this view is surrounded by chrysanthemum as a symbol of life, joy and optimism.

Or... this piece of jewellery could just be about two women enjoying each other's company while reading a book and enjoying the sensational sight. A sight with on the left side a majestic building from behind the intimate garden spot while on the right side cypresses leading up to a mountain.

But... if we connect this bare description with the flower connotations, suddenly we find ourselves in a story of memories to a lighthearted time, of everlasting friendship and of hope of a reunion.

True symbolism of an artist or just figments of a jewellery aficionado, this jewel is what it is: a vessel of emotion.




The Garden of Adin Presents:

Beware, Serpent Season! (02)

Click the picture to get to see this Antique gold snake or serpent brooch with big diamond.
Click the picture to get to this snake brooch.




The Garden of Adin Presents:

Beware, Serpent Season! (01)

Click the picture to get to see this Antique gold English coiled snake ring with old brilliant cut diamond (ca. 1893).
Click the picture to get to this snake ring.




The Garden of Adin Antique Jewellery Presents:

One style, different forgings.

Click the picture to get to see this Late Victorian French gold hair comb set with diamonds and made from horn.
Click the picture to get to this gold antique hair comb.


What makes a piece of jewellery a "good" piece?

As a jewellery dealer, you're always looking for clues about whether the jewel in front of you is a good representative for a significant style during a certain era, or whether it is only meant to look like it was made in a certain era while in fact it is not. Here at Adin, we're specialized in reading visual languages from the past. Like every book, an era is also composed out of several chapters, or better artistic styles. And each style derives from the previous one, reacting on past elements and implementing new ones to complete the story of its era. Every good jewel portrays a character playing an important role in a certain chapter in time. To our joy, we're the ones making sure their history will never be forgotten.

The metaphor of tales and styles can be told about all "good" objects and artifacts, as all "good" pieces from a certain style bear the same characteristics. And for that, this picture is the perfect example. The goldsmith of this mesmerising French Victorian hair comb in 18K gold and horn spoke the same visual language of frills and openwork as the metal smith of the ornamental balustrade on the background of the photo.

We can't wait to read which character this exquisite jewel will play in your memoirs.




Becoming Zen in The Garden of Adin:

Om mani padme hummmmmm

Click the picture to get to see this Certified top quality natural jadeite antique bangle of 194.73ct. - A-Jade, translucent, mottled green and white.
Click the picture to get to this antique jadeite bangle.


This harmonious photo of a top quality natural jadeite antique bangle of 194.73ct. literally depicts this buddhist mantra "Om mani padme hum", which translates to "The jewel in the flower". "Jewel" refers to enlightenment and wisdom, which enables one to love unconditionally. This invocation is used to honour the Buddhist symbol of compassion without prejudice.

In many ancient as well as modern cultures, jade has been and always will be "Yu", the "Gem Supreme" and the "Jewel of Heaven", "Stone of the Heart". Jade could very much be the embodiment "Om mani padme hum". Another analogy with this incantation is jade's unique attribute of melodic resonance. Artisans have created music instruments from jade to produce "heavenly" tones for ritual practices. Chinese poets have compared jade's melodious sound to the voice of a loved one. Not surprisingly, jade is a universal symbol of "the concentrated essence of love", harmony, virtue and eternity.

While wearing this illustrious bracelet, you can feel your mind being elevated and your heart being filled with unconditional love to be sent out into the world again.




Adin Antique Jewellery Proudly Presents:

Another class act in Adin's Circus!

Click the picture to get to see this Magnificent diamond and emerald platinum Art Deco ring.
Click the picture to get to this Magnificent diamond & emerald Art Deco ring.


Ladeeeeeeeeeez and G-E-N-T-L-E-M-E-N !!!

Welcome to the Antwerp Adin Antique Jewellery Circus! Tonight! Right before your very eyes! We bring you the one-and-only, widely appreciated, world famous, Adin Art Deco Ring and Bear Act! An act especially assembled for your very delight and delectation! Fasten your seat belts! Behold, be amazed and be enjoyed!


(Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this picture.)




Beauties in The Garden of Adin:

Back from way back when...

Click the picture to get to see this Antique Georgian long pendant big rose cut diamond earrings.
Click the picture to get to this fine Georgian large diamond earrings.


Truly magnificent the way in which this pair of Georgian earrings from around 1820 emits an angelic white luster of light through the two grand pear shaped rose cut diamonds and the 20 smaller ones.

As three diamond buds each with two petals dangle their way down from the stud to the pear, the foil-setting of every rose diamond intensifies the jewel's glistening even more with every movement.

You don't just sit quiet and be pretty with these earrings: they need to swing and shake, they want you to enjoy and shine.




Beauties in The Garden of Adin:

Back into the future!

Click the picture to get to see this Large Vintage high quality carving cameo in gold mounting embelished with pearls.
Click the picture to get to this fine vintage cameo pendant.


This Vintage cameo in a yellow gold mounting with a halo of 24 alternating pearls and granules is very distinguished from its kind. The contours and features of the portrayed upper class lady inspired by the 18th century is meticulously carved out of a shell according to the highest quality standards. It's in the visage where lies the secret of a cameo's value.

Keeping in mind that nowadays only a few artisans know how to keep the craft of engraving shell and hardstone alive, it's truly remarkable to find a cameo from the Fifties finished with such a level of skill. Even though details such as the extensively curled coiffure and the abundance of ruffles are usually meant to distract the jewel's admirer from a mediocre carving, here it confirms even more the overall superb condition of the cameo. One can easily take in the femininity and three-dimensionality with which this woman is covered.

Doesn't it seem as if this damsel is almost a tangible representation of ourselves in another time, ladies?




Beauties in The Garden of Adin:

Just for the pleasure of a pretty picture

Click the picture to get to see this French Vintage Fifties diamond cluster ring by Mauboussin Paris.
Click the picture to get to this signed Mauboussin ring.





More trouvailles in The Garden of Adin:

Victorian gold necklace

Click the picture to get to see this high quality Victorian antique yellow gold watch chain can be worn as necklace.
Click the picture to get to this Victorian gold chain/necklace.



As this Victorian 18K yellow gold necklace from around 1850 folds around your neck perfectly, its flowered links form an enchanting garden pavement on your skin.

Never before have we seen such an exceptional chain, so allow us to make you wonder as we do. Each main link is framed by a rounded rectangular sequence of small links topped by an openwork flower pattern. However obvious it is in our trade, let's not take for granted that every single piece of this treasure is handmade.

While this stunning necklace emits an allure of extravagance, it suits every woman by its ideal length and light weight lacelike assemblage.



Adin Ancient Jewellery:

1700 years old earring

Click the picture to get to see this Ancient yellow gold granulated ear-ring.
Click the picture to get to this Ancient yellow gold granulated ear-ring.



Being crafted between fourteen and seventeen centuries ago, this ear pendant in a high gold alloy still exhibits the very essence of what a jewel should be: the adornment of a lady. While wearing this precious piece, it doesn't take long before you drift off to dreams about the journeys of its time travels into the 21st century.

From an ancient goldsmith's design into a tangible gold form, constructed out of a repetition of the strong triangle shape until the smallest granulation pattern in the ancient Caucasion style. Specially crafted to be worn by the greatest of its era and long after. Now, envision to where this remarkable jewel -worthy of a showroom in a museum- could lead you when you would just let it adorn you.



Seasonal Harvest in The Garden of Adin

(better than truffles)

Click the picture to get to see this Cartier diamond and yellow gold brooch Cartier Paris.
Click the picture to get to this Estate Cartier Brooch.




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