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Victorian enameled brooch, goddess Minerva

Victorian enameled brooch, goddess Minerva.

A naturalistic face made in the difficult enamel painting technique, a technique demanding high skills of the craftsman.

We think Minerva is depicted here wearing a winged helmet, or actually a helmet on which a griffin is laying. The wings of the griffin are set with ten rose cut diamonds. Minerva was a Roman goddess of crafts, poetry and wisdom, and is known as the inventor of music.

The winged griffin on her helmet is a strange and legendary creature, usually represented as being part eagle, part lion, and occasionally part serpent. The griffin motif is found in sculpture of the ancient Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians, and Romans; in beast allegories of the early Christians; and in Gothic architecture of the late Middle Ages. The griffin remains common in heraldry, representing strength and vigilance.

OBJECT GROUP : brooches
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN : Although it does not carry any legible control marks we believe it is of French origin.
STYLE : Victorian
PERIOD : 1890
THEME : Minerva wearing a helmet with a winged griffin.
MATERIAL : 18K yellow gold
TECHNIQUE : Skillfully hand painted enamel
DIAMONDS : Ten rose cut diamonds. We do not have the weight of the diamonds which is normal in our trade when it comes to rose cuts.
WEIGHT : 8.60 gram (5.53 dwt)
HALLMARKS : No trace
CONDITION : Excellent condition - (click here for our condition scale)
MEASUREMENTS : Diameter approx. 2.93 cm (1.15 inch)

WHEN REFERRING TO THIS PIECE : Mention the following number: 07207-0519 or click here.

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Victorian enameled brooch, goddess Minerva
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