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Elegance of Yesteryears: Late Georgian Diamond Earrings

Echoing the elegance of late Georgian times, these circa 1850 earrings, believed to be of Belgian origin, are a true vintage treasure. The long hanging design is masterfully crafted with silver atop 18K red gold, a testament to the period's craftsmanship. Adorned with 34 meticulously placed rose-cut diamonds, these earrings capture and reflect light with every movement. Their style precedes the Victorian era, offering a glimpse into the opulent fashion of the time. These earrings are not just jewellery, but a piece of history, encapsulating the essence of pre-Victorian sophistication.

Antique jewelry object group: earrings long hanging

Condition: very good condition
  -  (more info on our condition scale)

Country of origin: Although it does not carry any legible control marks we believe this to be of Belgian origin.

Style: Pre-Victorian -
  -  See also: Pre-Victorian or more info on styles

Style specifics: Victorian - In 1837 Queen Victoria begins the longest reign in the history of Great Britain. For 64 years, from 1837 till 1901, she symbolizes the growth and triumph of the British Empire as Queen of Great Britain and Ireland and Empress of India. Proud, passionate about beautiful things, highly educated about all styles of time, she influences the lifestyles through her taste and immense love of jewelry.

Victorian decorative arts refers to the style of decorative arts during the Victorian era. The Victorian era is known for its eclectic revival and interpretation of historic styles and the introduction of cross-cultural influences from the middle east and Asia. The Arts and Crafts movement, the aesthetic movement, Anglo-Japanese style, and Art Nouveau style have their beginnings in the late Victorian era. (Last part freely rendered from: Wikipedia)

Period: ca. 1850
  -  (events & facts of this era, poetry of this era, fashion of this era)

Material: Silver on top and backed with 18K red gold (see explanation on silver on gold).
  -  (more info on precious metals)

Diamond(s): 34 rose cut diamonds and senailles . A senaille is a simplified rose cut diamond, a small diamond chip with perhaps a few polished facets. We do not have the weight of the rose cuts diamonds nor the senailles which is normal in our trade when it comes to rose cut diamonds and senailles.

Birthstones: Diamond is the birthstone (or month stone) for April.
  -  (more info on birthstones)

Hallmarks: No trace.
  -  (more info on hallmarks)

Dimensions: height 4,85 cm (1,91 inch)

Weight: 9,50 gram (6,11 dwt)

Reference Nº: 17188-0272

Copyright photography: Adin, fine antique jewelry

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antique jewelry, estate jewelry, vintage jewelry or modern jewelry

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Elegance of Yesteryears: Late Georgian Diamond Earrings
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