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Enchanting heirloom: 1920s victorian opal and rose diamond ring (ca.1920)

Enchanting Heirloom: 1920s Victorian Opal and Rose Diamond Ring

Art deco elegance: a 1930s diamond ring's tale (ca.1930)

Art Deco Elegance: A 1930s Diamond Ring s Tale

Deco dazzle: a platinum and diamond vintage brooch (ca.1920)

Deco Dazzle: A Platinum and Diamond Vintage Brooch

Artistic legacy: van strydonck’s griffin in gold (ca.1900)

Artistic Legacy: Van Strydonck’s Griffin in Gold

Georgian gold: exquisite cannetille citrine necklace (ca.1820)

Georgian Gold: Exquisite Cannetille Citrine Necklace

Post-war luxe: heirloom emerald & diamond engagement ring (ca.1950)

Post-War Luxe: Heirloom Emerald & Diamond Engagement Ring

Belle époque ribbon bow: convertible diamond jewel (ca.1910)

Belle Époque Ribbon Bow: Convertible Diamond Jewel

1950s love spark: intense orangy brown diamond ring (ca.1950)

1950s Love Spark: Intense Orangy Brown Diamond Ring

1920s deco delight: platinum diamond statement bracelet (ca.1920)

1920s Deco Delight: Platinum Diamond Statement Bracelet

Enchanted iris: 18k gold art nouveau earrings with plique-à-jour enamel (ca.1900)

Enchanted Iris: 18K Gold Art Nouveau Earrings with Plique-à-Jour Enamel

Era of elegance: belle époque meets art deco sapphire and diamond necklace (ca.1920)

Era of Elegance: Belle Époque Meets Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

Verdant vintage: 1920 estate colombian emerald and old mine cut diamond ring (ca.1920)

Verdant Vintage: 1920 Estate Colombian Emerald and Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring

Symbolic love: victorian garnet heart with diamond-encrusted bow pendant (ca.1830)

Symbolic Love: Victorian Garnet Heart with Diamond-Encrusted Bow Pendant

Rococo reimagined: 18th century diamond elegance earrings (ca.1780)

Rococo Reimagined: 18th Century Diamond Elegance Earrings

Art deco allure: platinum brooch with contrasting diamonds and onyx (ca.1920)

Art Deco Allure: Platinum Brooch with Contrasting Diamonds and Onyx

Deco devotion: a 1920s platinum and gold engagement ring with diamonds and sapphires (ca.1920)

Deco Devotion: A 1920s Platinum and Gold Engagement Ring with Diamonds and Sapphires

L'art du fable: 18k gold stork and pearl ring from victorian france (ca.1860)

L Art du Fable: 18K Gold Stork and Pearl Ring from Victorian France

Seventies chic: london hallmarked emerald and diamond ring (ca.1975)

Seventies Chic: London Hallmarked Emerald and Diamond Ring

Gentleman's best friend: antique diamond set dog head tie pin with rubies (ca.1860)

Gentleman s Best Friend: Antique Diamond Set Dog Head Tie Pin with Rubies

Romantic reverie: victorian diamond brooch-pendant with pearl accent (ca.1850)

Romantic Reverie: Victorian Diamond Brooch-Pendant with Pearl Accent

The deco diamond: platinum pendant with old european cut diamonds and sapphires (ca.1920)

The Deco Diamond: Platinum Pendant with Old European Cut Diamonds and Sapphires

Golden age glamour: antique baroque rose cut diamond ring (ca.1680)

Golden Age Glamour: Antique Baroque Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Eternal affection: enchanting rose-cut diamond earrings c (ca.1830)

Eternal Affection: Enchanting Rose-Cut Diamond Earrings c

Old world opulence: rose cut diamond brooch in baroque style (ca.1680)

Old World Opulence: Rose Cut Diamond Brooch in Baroque Style

Baroque brilliance: à la jeannette diamond heart cross pendant (ca.1720)

Baroque Brilliance: À la Jeannette Diamond Heart Cross Pendant

A timeless whisper: boucheron's iconic fan watch (ca.1950)

A Timeless Whisper: Boucheron s Iconic Fan Watch

Kutchinsky's green splendour: 2.33ct emerald engagement ring with diamond accents (ca.1986)

Kutchinsky s Green Splendour: 2.33ct Emerald Engagement Ring with Diamond Accents

Era's elegance: exquisite diamond and pearl brooch from the dawn of art deco (ca.1920)

Era s Elegance: Exquisite Diamond and Pearl Brooch from the Dawn of Art Deco

Historic haute couture: pre-victorian diamond earrings (ca.1820)

Historic Haute Couture: Pre-Victorian Diamond Earrings

Divine radiance: 1730s gold cross pendant (ca.1730)

Divine Radiance: 1730s Gold Cross Pendant
Lay out: 20 30 50 70 120
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412 articles
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