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Flow of love: an art nouveau diamond & pearl ring (ca.1900)

Flow of Love: An Art Nouveau Diamond & Pearl Ring

Queen victoria's influence: a brooch of passion (ca.1850)

Queen Victoria s Influence: A Brooch of Passion

Hidden time: jaeger-lecoultre's 1950s gold & diamond secret watch ring (ca.1950)

Hidden Time: Jaeger-LeCoultre s 1950s Gold & Diamond Secret Watch Ring

French mythical majesty: victorian griffin brooch (ca.1890)

French Mythical Majesty: Victorian Griffin Brooch

Sentimental treasures: victorian diamond brooch (ca.1840)

Sentimental Treasures: Victorian Diamond Brooch

Vintage flame: a dance of opal and diamonds (ca.1960)

Vintage Flame: A Dance of Opal and Diamonds

The grand victorian bracelet: a timeless treasure (ca.1870)

The Grand Victorian Bracelet: A Timeless Treasure

1920's love affair: art deco engagement ring (ca.1920)

1920 s Love Affair: Art Deco Engagement Ring

Vintage glamour: a diamond tribute to the 50s (ca.1950)

Vintage Glamour: A Diamond Tribute to the 50s

Adorning mourning: a victorian diamond and pearl tribute (ca.1880)

Adorning Mourning: A Victorian Diamond And Pearl Tribute

Eternal deco love: diamond and ruby ring romance (ca.1930)

Eternal Deco Love: Diamond and Ruby Ring Romance

Antique cross pendant: a baroque legacy (ca.1700)

Antique Cross Pendant: A Baroque Legacy

Antique flemish heart: a symbol of love (ca.1750)

Antique Flemish Heart: A Symbol of Love

Vintage sophistication: platinum studs of the fifties (ca.1950)

Vintage Sophistication: Platinum Studs of the Fifties

Artistry of antiquity: victorian pearled diamond brooch pendant (ca.1870)

Artistry of Antiquity: Victorian Pearled Diamond Brooch Pendant

Historic echoes: victorian-inspired dutch diamond bracelet (ca.1955)

Historic Echoes: Victorian-Inspired Dutch Diamond Bracelet

Glimpses of grandeur: circa 1830's diamond earrings (ca.1830)

Glimpses of Grandeur: Circa 1830 s Diamond Earrings

1680's baroque grandeur: a diamond cross pendant (ca.1680)

1680 s Baroque Grandeur: A Diamond Cross Pendant

Gautrait's legacy: a late victorian enamel bracelet (ca.1890)

Gautrait s Legacy: A Late Victorian Enamel Bracelet

A glimpse of 1780: rococo gold and diamond pin (ca.1780)

A Glimpse of 1780: Rococo Gold and Diamond Pin

Vintage romance: the journey of a diamond ring (ca.1870)

Vintage Romance: The Journey of a Diamond Ring

Love across centuries: a dutch 1670 claddagh ring (ca.1670)

Love Across Centuries: A Dutch 1670 Claddagh Ring

Victorian elegance: a diamond and pearl choker of timeless grace (ca.1910)

Victorian Elegance: A Diamond and Pearl Choker of Timeless Grace

A century of love: unveiling a 1920s engagement ring (ca.1920)

A Century of Love: Unveiling a 1920s Engagement Ring

Ornate elegance: a diamond-encrusted rococo ring (ca.1750)

Ornate Elegance: A Diamond-Encrusted Rococo Ring

Antique gold brooch allure: pompadour's legacy in victorian jewellery (ca.1860)

Antique Gold Brooch Allure: Pompadour s Legacy in Victorian Jewellery

Twenties treasure: geometric grace in a deco brooch (ca.1920)

Twenties Treasure: Geometric Grace in a Deco Brooch

1810 empire gold: the symbolism of a garnet cross (ca.1810)

1810 Empire Gold: The Symbolism of a Garnet Cross

A platinum prayer: the art deco cross pendant (ca.1920)

A Platinum Prayer: The Art Deco Cross Pendant

Timeless window: fifties diamond brooch in platinum (ca.1950)

Timeless Window: Fifties Diamond Brooch in Platinum
Lay out: 20 30 50 70 120
Prices: Down - Up
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399 articles
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