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Art nouveau floral gold pin lady profile signed zacha (ca.1900)

Art Nouveau floral gold pin Lady profile signed Zacha

Nature's artistry: the art nouveau pearl pendant (ca.1900)

Nature s Artistry: The Art Nouveau Pearl Pendant

From belle époque to art deco: timeless elegant earstuds (ca.1930)

From Belle Époque to Art Deco: Timeless Elegant Earstuds

Historic elegance: the victorian tulip gold bangle (ca.1850)

Historic Elegance: The Victorian Tulip Gold Bangle

Antique elegance: a french coral cameo masterpiece (ca.1850)

Antique Elegance: A French Coral Cameo Masterpiece

1930's splendour: a vintage diamond and rubelite ring (ca.1930)

1930 s Splendour: A Vintage Diamond and Rubelite Ring

Platinum poise: a vintage french art deco diamond ring (ca.1930)

Platinum Poise: A Vintage French Art Deco Diamond Ring

Janvier's legacy: a 19th century french gold locket (ca.1890)

Janvier s Legacy: A 19th Century French Gold Locket

A century of love: the french belle époque engagement ring (ca.1890)

A Century of Love: The French Belle Époque Engagement Ring

The transformative eternity band: a 1950s gemstone masterpiece (ca.1950)

The Transformative Eternity Band: A 1950s Gemstone Masterpiece

Victorian grandeur: a necklace woven with gold and pearls (ca.1880)

Victorian Grandeur: A Necklace Woven with Gold and Pearls

Nature's elegance: the symbolic serpent ring of 1900 (ca.1900)

Nature s Elegance: The Symbolic Serpent Ring of 1900

Romancing history: a double serpent ring's enchantment (ca.1880)

Romancing History: A Double Serpent Ring s Enchantment

Art deco to interbellum: a brooch that tells a story (ca.1930)

Art Deco to Interbellum: A Brooch that Tells a Story

Art deco unveiled: earrings that define personal taste (ca.1920)

Art Deco Unveiled: Earrings that Define Personal Taste

Timeless myth in victorian gold: the farnese bull brooch (ca.1850)

Timeless Myth in Victorian Gold: The Farnese Bull Brooch

Romancing the past: a mysterious victorian engagement ring (ca.1880)

Romancing the Past: A Mysterious Victorian Engagement Ring

Vintage deco, modern love: an art deco engagement ring (ca.1930)

Vintage Deco, Modern Love: An Art Deco Engagement Ring

1920s art deco bar brooch: a glimpse into roaring twenties glamour (ca.1920)

1920s Art Deco Bar Brooch: A Glimpse into Roaring Twenties Glamour

Vintage 18k gold horse pendant seal: victorian elegance (ca.1840)

Vintage 18K Gold Horse Pendant Seal: Victorian Elegance
Lay out: 20 30 50 70 120
Prices: Down - Up
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410 articles
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