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Satirical classicism of an 18th century gold ring: the triumph of priapus (ca.1750)

Satirical Classicism of an 18th Century Gold Ring: The Triumph of Priapus

Baroque brilliance: à la jeannette diamond heart cross pendant (ca.1720)

Baroque Brilliance: À la Jeannette Diamond Heart Cross Pendant

Divine radiance: 1730s gold cross pendant (ca.1730)

Divine Radiance: 1730s Gold Cross Pendant

Baroque brilliance: a spanish legacy in gold (ca.1650)

Baroque Brilliance: A Spanish Legacy in Gold

Antique cross pendant: a baroque legacy (ca.1700)

Antique Cross Pendant: A Baroque Legacy

1680's baroque grandeur: a diamond cross pendant (ca.1680)

1680 s Baroque Grandeur: A Diamond Cross Pendant

1810 empire gold: the symbolism of a garnet cross (ca.1810)

1810 Empire Gold: The Symbolism of a Garnet Cross

A platinum prayer: the art deco cross pendant (ca.1920)

A Platinum Prayer: The Art Deco Cross Pendant

Sacred symmetry: baroque's aged cross (ca.1700)

Sacred Symmetry: Baroque s Aged Cross

Peace in jewellery: the georgian pigeon pin (ca.1770)

Peace in Jewellery: The Georgian Pigeon Pin

A cross to bear: 18th century diamond elegance (ca.1750)

A Cross to Bear: 18th Century Diamond Elegance

Cross of awe: an 18th century 'a la jeanette' legacy (ca.1750)

Cross of Awe: An 18th Century  A la Jeanette  Legacy

A testament of love: flemish rococo diamond pendant (ca.1700)

A Testament of Love: Flemish Rococo Diamond Pendant

Elegance of antiquity: georgian gold and diamond cross (ca.1700)

Elegance of Antiquity: Georgian Gold and Diamond Cross

Diamonds in devotion: a timeless 18th century flemish cross pendant (ca.1780)

Diamonds in Devotion: A Timeless 18th Century Flemish Cross Pendant

1720's opulence: unveiling a georgian diamond cross (ca.1720)

1720 s Opulence: Unveiling a Georgian Diamond Cross

Spiritual grace of antiquity: the georgian cross (ca.1720)

Spiritual Grace of Antiquity: The Georgian Cross

The art of devotion: a baroque era relic (ca.1680)

The Art of Devotion: A Baroque Era Relic

Elegant faith: a rococo diamond cross of distinction (ca.1750)

Elegant Faith: A Rococo Diamond Cross of Distinction

The ciselé diamond cross: a unique jewel in baroque artistry (ca.1700)

The Ciselé Diamond Cross: A Unique Jewel in Baroque Artistry

Era of elegance: unveiling a 17th century belgian treasure (ca.1700)

Era of Elegance: Unveiling a 17th Century Belgian Treasure

18th century antique gold cross all set with table cut rose cut diamonds (ca.1720)

18th Century Antique gold cross all set with table cut rose cut diamonds

Cross of class: the 18th century symbol of wealth and worship (ca.1720)

Cross of Class: The 18th Century Symbol of Wealth and Worship

Heritage of holiness: the sober yet devoted 18th century cross (ca.1730)

Heritage of Holiness: The Sober Yet Devoted 18th Century Cross

Eternal faith: the 1800's georgian diamond cross legacy (ca.1800)

Eternal Faith: The 1800 s Georgian Diamond Cross Legacy

Devotion in gold: an 18th century belgian baroque cross (ca.1730)

Devotion in Gold: An 18th Century Belgian Baroque Cross

Sacred beauty: a 1910s pendant celebrating mother mary (ca.1910)

Sacred Beauty: A 1910s Pendant Celebrating Mother Mary

Antique elegance: the 1800s diamond cross pendant (ca.1800)

Antique Elegance: The 1800s Diamond Cross Pendant

Vintage 1920's edwardian - art deco diamond and sapphire medal mother mary and baby jesus (ca.1920)

Vintage 1920 s Edwardian - Art Deco diamond and sapphire medal Mother Mary and baby Jesus

Art deco platinum diamond and sapphire cross (ca.1930)

Art Deco platinum diamond and sapphire cross
Lay out: 20 30 50 70 120
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35 articles
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