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Engagement ring: a belle époque whisper (ca.1925)

Engagement Ring: A Belle Époque Whisper

Heritage of love: 1910's diamond engagement ring (ca.1910)

Heritage of Love: 1910 s Diamond Engagement Ring

Elegance of 1915: the timeless engagement ring (ca.1915)

Elegance of 1915: The Timeless Engagement Ring

Fiery love embodied in a vintage rubellite engagement ring (ca.1940)

Fiery Love Embodied in a Vintage Rubellite Engagement Ring

Nature's embrace: an art nouveau ring with a brown diamond (ca.1900)

Nature s Embrace: An Art Nouveau Ring with a Brown Diamond

Art deco allure: a love story set in diamonds (ca.1950)

Art Deco Allure: A Love Story Set in Diamonds

Elegance of yesteryear: a glimpse into early victorian jewellery (ca.1840)

Elegance of Yesteryear: A Glimpse into Early Victorian Jewellery

Elegance in geometry: the captivating fifties art deco diamond ring (ca.1950)

Elegance in Geometry: The Captivating Fifties Art Deco Diamond Ring

Three snakes, three gems: a tale of victorian intrigue (ca.1890)

Three Snakes, Three Gems: A Tale of Victorian Intrigue

Romantic red: the timeless allure of a victorian ruby ring (ca.1890)

Romantic Red: The Timeless Allure of a Victorian Ruby Ring

Lemonade love: the yellow diamond engagement ring that symbolizes life’s sweet turns (ca.1920)

Lemonade Love: The Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring That Symbolizes Life’s Sweet Turns

Vintage allure: the enigmatic beauty of a 1950s moonstone ring (ca.1950)

Vintage Allure: The Enigmatic Beauty of a 1950s Moonstone Ring

Pink hues and platinum: the classic beauty of a vintage engagement ring (ca.1960)

Pink Hues and Platinum: The Classic Beauty of a Vintage Engagement Ring

The splendour of baroque: a close look at a 17th century ring (ca.1680)

The Splendour of Baroque: A Close Look at a 17th Century Ring

Belle époque brilliance: a sapphire ring with timeless charm (ca.1910)

Belle Époque Brilliance: A Sapphire Ring with Timeless Charm

Royal resonance: a lady di style engagement ring (ca.1920)

Royal Resonance: A Lady Di Style Engagement Ring

Pigeon blood elegance: a tale of a 1920s art deco ruby (ca.1920)

Pigeon Blood Elegance: A Tale of a 1920s Art Deco Ruby

Eternal romance: a 1950s art deco diamond ring (ca.1950)

Eternal Romance: A 1950s Art Deco Diamond Ring

Historic love: a toi et moi ring from 1900 (ca.1900)

Historic Love: A Toi et Moi Ring from 1900

Vintage vows: the romance of a 1920s art deco engagement ring (ca.1920)

Vintage Vows: The Romance of a 1920s Art Deco Engagement Ring

Crafted for eternity: the timeless art of a 1950s engagement ring (ca.1950)

Crafted for Eternity: The Timeless Art of a 1950s Engagement Ring

Love across time: 1920s belle époque diamond statement ring (ca.1920)

Love Across Time: 1920s Belle Époque Diamond Statement Ring

Classic elegance: the timeless appeal of a vintage 1950s opal ring (ca.1950)

Classic Elegance: The Timeless Appeal of a Vintage 1950s Opal Ring

Pearl of the past: a diamond-encircled 1930 engagement ring (ca.1930)

Pearl of the Past: A Diamond-Encircled 1930 Engagement Ring

Victorian elegance: the 1880 opal and diamond ring masterpiece (ca.1880)

Victorian Elegance: The 1880 Opal and Diamond Ring Masterpiece

Geometry of glamour: exploring a 1920s belgian art deco ring (ca.1920)

Geometry of Glamour: Exploring a 1920s Belgian Art Deco Ring

Geometric glamour: an art deco diamond and pearl ring (ca.1940)

Geometric Glamour: An Art Deco Diamond and Pearl Ring

Antique allure: a sapphire engagement ring from the 1840s (ca.1840)

Antique Allure: A Sapphire Engagement Ring from the 1840s

Heirloom of tomorrow: a 1920s art deco diamond engagement ring (ca.1920)

Heirloom of Tomorrow: A 1920s Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

Old world charm: a belgian vintage ring for a timeless bond (ca.1940)

Old World Charm: A Belgian Vintage Ring for a Timeless Bond
Lay out: 20 30 50 70 120
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86 articles
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