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Victorian versatility: a diamond brooch-pendant from 1850 (ca.1850)

Victorian Versatility: A Diamond Brooch-Pendant from 1850

Elegance of antiquity: georgian gold and diamond cross (ca.1700)

Elegance of Antiquity: Georgian Gold and Diamond Cross

Elegant art nouveau: dual-use diamond pendant-brooch (ca.1900)

Elegant Art Nouveau: Dual-Use Diamond Pendant-Brooch

Diamonds of the belle époque: austrian-hungarian elegance (ca.1900)

Diamonds of the Belle Époque: Austrian-Hungarian Elegance

Diamonds in devotion: a timeless 18th century flemish cross pendant (ca.1780)

Diamonds in Devotion: A Timeless 18th Century Flemish Cross Pendant

1720's opulence: unveiling a georgian diamond cross (ca.1720)

1720 s Opulence: Unveiling a Georgian Diamond Cross

Spiritual grace of antiquity: the georgian cross (ca.1720)

Spiritual Grace of Antiquity: The Georgian Cross

The art of devotion: a baroque era relic (ca.1680)

The Art of Devotion: A Baroque Era Relic

Elegance in flight: the victorian stork brooch-pendant (ca.1900)

Elegance in Flight: The Victorian Stork Brooch-Pendant

Elegant faith: a rococo diamond cross of distinction (ca.1750)

Elegant Faith: A Rococo Diamond Cross of Distinction

The ciselé diamond cross: a unique jewel in baroque artistry (ca.1700)

The Ciselé Diamond Cross: A Unique Jewel in Baroque Artistry

Heavenly harmony: the victorian brooch's neo-rococo elegance (ca.1890)

Heavenly Harmony: The Victorian Brooch s Neo-Rococo Elegance

Era of elegance: unveiling a 17th century belgian treasure (ca.1700)

Era of Elegance: Unveiling a 17th Century Belgian Treasure

1900s artistic flair: the organic beauty of an art nouveau piece (ca.1900)

1900s Artistic Flair: The Organic Beauty of an Art Nouveau Piece

Victorian versatility: the dual charm of a 1860s brooch-pendant (ca.1860)

Victorian Versatility: The Dual Charm of a 1860s Brooch-Pendant

Elegance redefined: a belgian art deco brooch inspired by japonism (ca.1920)

Elegance Redefined: A Belgian Art Deco Brooch Inspired by Japonism

18th century antique gold cross all set with table cut rose cut diamonds (ca.1720)

18th Century Antique gold cross all set with table cut rose cut diamonds

Cross of class: the 18th century symbol of wealth and worship (ca.1720)

Cross of Class: The 18th Century Symbol of Wealth and Worship

Heritage of holiness: the sober yet devoted 18th century cross (ca.1730)

Heritage of Holiness: The Sober Yet Devoted 18th Century Cross

Eternal faith: the 1800's georgian diamond cross legacy (ca.1800)

Eternal Faith: The 1800 s Georgian Diamond Cross Legacy

Devotion in gold: an 18th century belgian baroque cross (ca.1730)

Devotion in Gold: An 18th Century Belgian Baroque Cross

Sacred beauty: a 1910s pendant celebrating mother mary (ca.1910)

Sacred Beauty: A 1910s Pendant Celebrating Mother Mary

1820's elegance: belgian red gold pendant with 105ct citrine (ca.1820)

1820 s Elegance: Belgian Red Gold Pendant with 105ct Citrine

Antique elegance: the 1800s diamond cross pendant (ca.1800)

Antique Elegance: The 1800s Diamond Cross Pendant

Victorian cameo: a glimpse into french 19th century jewellery (ca.1870)

Victorian Cameo: A Glimpse into French 19th Century Jewellery

Golden era of romance: victorian seal in diamonds and emeralds (ca.1840)

Golden Era of Romance: Victorian Seal in Diamonds and Emeralds

Elegant belle époque diamond brooch-pendant: a timeless marvel (ca.1890)

Elegant Belle Époque Diamond Brooch-Pendant: A Timeless Marvel

Nature's artistry: the art nouveau pearl pendant (ca.1900)

Nature s Artistry: The Art Nouveau Pearl Pendant

Antique elegance: a french coral cameo masterpiece (ca.1850)

Antique Elegance: A French Coral Cameo Masterpiece

Janvier's legacy: a 19th century french gold locket (ca.1890)

Janvier s Legacy: A 19th Century French Gold Locket
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52 articles
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