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Geometric glamour: an art deco diamond and pearl ring (ca.1940)

Geometric Glamour: An Art Deco Diamond and Pearl Ring

Elegance from the past: grand victorian diamond earrings (ca.1870)

Elegance from the Past: Grand Victorian Diamond Earrings

Elegance redefined: late victorian diamond earrings (ca.1890)

Elegance Redefined: Late Victorian Diamond Earrings

Victorian serpent ring: a symbolic trio in gold (ca.1890)

Victorian Serpent Ring: A Symbolic Trio in Gold

Eternal flow: an art nouveau diamond and pearl brooch (ca.1900)

Eternal Flow: An Art Nouveau Diamond and Pearl Brooch

Antique allure: a sapphire engagement ring from the 1840s (ca.1840)

Antique Allure: A Sapphire Engagement Ring from the 1840s

Whimsical wings: enamelled birds on a gold branch (ca.1970)

Whimsical Wings: Enamelled Birds on a Gold Branch

Opulent stitches: a french gold sewing set from the victorian era (ca.1860)

Opulent Stitches: A French Gold Sewing Set from the Victorian Era

Discovering 1810's elegance: the french gold collier d'esclave (ca.1810)

Discovering 1810 s Elegance: The French Gold Collier d Esclave

Old world charm: a belgian vintage ring for a timeless bond (ca.1940)

Old World Charm: A Belgian Vintage Ring for a Timeless Bond

Symbol of affection: a jack russell terrier in precious stones (ca.1920)

Symbol of Affection: A Jack Russell Terrier in Precious Stones

Vintage elegance: a glimpse of the belle époque in a brooch (ca.1900)

Vintage Elegance: A Glimpse of the Belle Époque in a Brooch

Elegant symmetry: art deco rose cut diamond earrings from the 1940s (ca.1940)

Elegant Symmetry: Art Deco Rose Cut Diamond Earrings from the 1940s

Sacred beauty: a 1910s pendant celebrating mother mary (ca.1910)

Sacred Beauty: A 1910s Pendant Celebrating Mother Mary

Eternal elegance: holland's historic gold ring (ca.1820)

Eternal Elegance: Holland s Historic Gold Ring

Elegance from the 1920s: art deco diamond and pearl bracelet (ca.1920)

Elegance from the 1920s: Art Deco Diamond and Pearl Bracelet

A spark from the past: vintage fifties diamond engagement ring (ca.1950)

A Spark from the Past: Vintage Fifties Diamond Engagement Ring

Enchanted carriage: a vintage fifties mellerio-inspired gold brooch (ca.1950)

Enchanted Carriage: A Vintage Fifties Mellerio-Inspired Gold Brooch

1820's elegance: belgian red gold pendant with 105ct citrine (ca.1820)

1820 s Elegance: Belgian Red Gold Pendant with 105ct Citrine

A vintage symbol of longevity: the fifties turtle brooch in platinum (ca.1950)

A Vintage Symbol of Longevity: The Fifties Turtle Brooch in Platinum

Griffin's guard: a romantic victorian jewel with mythical allure (ca.1860)

Griffin s Guard: A Romantic Victorian Jewel with Mythical Allure

Vintage art deco elegance: sapphire and diamond ring with a passionate past (ca.1920)

Vintage Art Deco Elegance: Sapphire and Diamond Ring with a Passionate Past

Mythological elegance: french artistry in a griffin brooch" (ca.1890)

Mythological Elegance: French Artistry in a Griffin Brooch"

Vintage vows: a sapphire ring weaving romance and history (ca.1950)

Vintage Vows: A Sapphire Ring Weaving Romance and History

Deco revival: a mid-century masterpiece in diamonds and pearls (ca.1950)

Deco Revival: A Mid-Century Masterpiece in Diamonds and Pearls

Art nouveau's artistic allure: a horn and diamond hair comb (ca.1890)

Art Nouveau s Artistic Allure: A Horn and Diamond Hair Comb

Unisex deco elegance: a platinum brooch for every style aficionado (ca.1920)

Unisex Deco Elegance: A Platinum Brooch for Every Style Aficionado

Enchanting 1870s vintage fly brooch: victorian elegance in gold (ca.1870)

Enchanting 1870s Vintage Fly Brooch: Victorian Elegance in Gold

Embracing contrasts: the vintage ring's art deco charm (ca.1920)

Embracing Contrasts: The Vintage Ring s Art Deco Charm

Antique elegance: the 1800s diamond cross pendant (ca.1800)

Antique Elegance: The 1800s Diamond Cross Pendant
Lay out: 20 30 50 70 120
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399 articles
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