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We offer layaway, spread payments on the piece of your dreams. Ask us for details. Free insured shipping on all orders !!!

We buy:

Adin, buyers of antique jewelry, estate jewelry, vintage jewelry, platinum, gold, silver and diamonds

All transactions are confidential!

  • buyers of old jewelry, buyers of antique jewelry, buyers of vintage jewelry, buyers of estate jewelry in gold, silver and platinum (even broken)
  • buyers of diamonds, buyers of brilliant cut diamonds, buyers of rose cut diamonds, buyers of old european cut diamonds, buyers of bolshevik cut diamonds (even broken, cracked or chipped)
  • buyers of diamond jewelry (even broken, cracked or chipped)
  • buyers of brand watches
  • buyers of loose precious stones, buyers of diamonds, buyers of ruby, buyers of rubies, buyers of sapphires, buyers of emeralds, buyers of real orient pearls etc.
  • buyers of golden coins, buyers of silver coins, buyers of antique coins, buyers of complete coin collections
  • buyers of silverware, buyers of silver coffee services, buyers of silver tea services, buyers of silver cutlery, buyers of silver flatware,buyers of flatware, buyers of candelsticks etc. (even broken)
  • buyers of bullion of gold, buyers of bullion of silver, buyers of bullion platinum
  • buyers of overstock, buyers of demodated jewelry, buyers of end of series, buyers of bench scrap
  • buyers of gold, buyers of old gold, buyers of scrap gold, buyers of dental gold
  • buyers of silver, buyers of old silver, buyers of scrap silver
  • buyers of platinum, buyers of old platinum, buyers of scrap platinum
  • buyers of from the public, buyers of from goldsmiths, buyers of from silversmiths, buyers of from jewelers, buyers of from manufacturers, buyers of from dentists

Why choose for Adin?

Why Adin?

We understand that the decision to sell your personal antique jewelry often is an emotional decision. "Will I be treated honestly?" "Will I get the right price?" Finding the appropriate buyer will give you piece of mind for this important decision and can make a big difference.

We treat everybody fair, decent and respectful.

We at Adin are looking for durable relationships and not for victims. To us, the satisfaction of our customers is the key to our success. That this is a working concept is not only proofed by the fact that many of our customers recommend us to their friends and family; but also by the fact that many a jeweler in Belgium will recommend Adin to you as the address to sell your antique jewelry, diamonds, and silverware. Our CEO Mr. Elkan Wijnberg personally is a member of "the Belgian Chamber of Experts to the Courts of Justice" and to "The American Society of Jewelry Historians". Furthermore, we think that the quality of our website will give you an impression of the dedication we have to our profession of antique-jewelry-dealers.

Adin will pay the most for big diamonds and antique jewelry.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the market value of the various periods and styles of antique jewelry and diamonds. Adin has the resources and interest to buy the most important antique jewelry, diamonds, precious stones, brand watches, natural pearls and massive silverware. Contact us and see how you, through our experience, can optimize the sale of your unwanted jewelry, diamonds, precious stones, watches (pocket and wrist) and/or silverware.

Professionals rely on Adin.

Adin does not only buy from the public, we also advice notaries, attorneys, insurance companies, accountants and other professionals. We also work in close cooperation with modern jewelers, manufacturers, banks, curators, bailiffs and testament-executors. Irrespectively your situation, when you have jewelry, diamonds, precious stones, precious metals and/or massive silverware.....Adin is your address!

Your money is waiting for you!

Opposite to auction houses or the so called "rent-a-box" stores, we pay direct. We do NOT charge fees for commission, storage, insurance or pictures. We evaluate the offered articles on the spot and offer directly.

A pleasant experience.

Working with Adin is not only "convenient"; we offer full-service and high prices. But perhaps as important, we offer you a pleasant experience. When you would like to discuss a certain article, legacy, estate or situation, or if you would like to know more about our way of working, you can contact us without any obligation on your part. You can pay us a visit in our shop in Antwerp, preferably after an appointment. All information on how to contact us you'll find by clicking here.

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