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The way we work, Adin fine antique jewelry, Antwerp Belgium

The way we work:

In addition to the buying and selling of antiques Adin is also a trader in precious metals and a major high street buyer of second hand jewellery. We have our own repair and restore studio and an experienced team of master goldsmiths and stone-setters. Antiques come in mostly by way of our high-street buying shop in Antwerp, Belgium. Most of the sellers are private individuals and jewelers who work as middleman between their customers and Adin.

Most of the jewels offered to us will never see the inside of our workshops (atelier), as only the very best are selected for sale or restoring. The rest are passed on to our precious metals department to be processed through the appropriate channels. This assures that the jewellery we sell as antiques are only those that our experts consider to be fine examples of their type.

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