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Birth stones November:
topaz & citrine

topaz, month stones or birthstone for November

See our: topaz jewelry.

See our: citrine jewelry.

Characteristics attributed to people born in November:

  • has a lot of ideas
  • difficult to fathom
  • thinks forward
  • unique and brilliant
  • extraodinary ideas
  • sharp thinking
  • fine and strong clairvoyance
  • can become good doctors
  • careful and cautious
  • dynamic in personality
  • secretive
  • inquisitive
  • knows how to dig secrets
  • always thinking
  • less talkative but amiable
  • brave and generous
  • patient
  • stubborn and hard-hearted
  • if there is a will, there is a way
  • determined
  • never give up
  • hardly become angry unless provoked
  • loves to be alone
  • thinks differently from others
  • sharp-minded
  • motivates oneself
  • does not appreciates praises
  • high-spirited
  • well-built and tough
  • deep love and emotions
  • romantic
  • uncertain in relationships
  • homely
  • hardworking
  • high abilities
  • trustworhty
  • honest and keeps secrets
  • not able to control emotions
  • unpredictable

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