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jewelry glossary

Antique jewelry glossary

Welcome to our extensive antique jewelry glossary with around 1,500 jewelry related entries.If you feel you are missing an explanation, feel free to let us know and we will add it.

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The quality of the cut of the diamond, depending on the correctness of the proportion (height of crown to pavilion, and width of table to culet), the precision in placing and cutting the facets, and the measurement of the angles of the facets.

Each facet is usually symmetrical, and the angle to the rest of the stone must not vary more than half a degree from the prescribed angle. A diamond cut to the ideal specifications is said to be of 'good make' or 'fine make', but of 'poor make' if it varies, sometimes dictated by the original shape of the rough stone and an intention to save weight at a loss of brilliance.

From: An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry, autor: Harold Newman, publishers: Thames and Hudson

Jewelry Glossary

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