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jewelry glossary

Antique jewelry glossary

Welcome to our extensive antique jewelry glossary with around 1,500 jewelry related entries.If you feel you are missing an explanation, feel free to let us know and we will add it.

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Synthetic rutile

A synthetic gemstone of the same composition as natural rutile but of different appearance. It has been produced since 1948 by a modification of the flame fusion process of the Verneuil Furnace. The resulting boules are opaque black, but when reheated in a stream of oxygen they change to various colours. The variety most in demand commercially is pale yellow to colourless, resembling a diamond but distinguishable by its colour, greater fire, much higher colour dispersion, lower hardness, and having strong double refraction. It has been sold under many trade-names, e.g. Titania, Titangem, Diamothyst, Titanstone, etc., or the misnomer 'Rainbow diamond'. It has been largely superseded by synthetic strontium titanate which is whiter.

From: An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry, autor: Harold Newman, publishers: Thames and Hudson

Jewelry Glossary

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